Mount Bromo Astrophotography Tour Package 2 Days

Mount Bromo Astrophotography Tour Package 2 Days

Mount Bromo Astrophotography Tour Package 2 Days usually called Mount Bromo Milky way tour, an astrophotography trip being popular for photographers who want to explore star thrill. Milky way or astrophotography tour is the best choices. Most tourist doing the Camping at Mount Bromo to explore Mt Bromo Milky Way Photography tour from highest peak during all nights.

Mount Bromo Astrophotography Tour Package 2 Days
Bromo Astrophotography Tour Package by camp has 2 days 1 night duration with a short time you will enjoy all the attractions in Bromo. But You can do this photography as Long as you need. For detail Stargazing Photography package itinerary You can read more here Stargazing shoot by camping on Mount Bromo.

There are a lot of spot for Astrophotography package, like Penanjakan peak, Kingkong hill, Mentigen hill, Seruni point, Love hill, or other place as you want. All places have their own caracteristic angle for Stargazing. The best time to do the trip from May to October, of course without the moon.

Tour Package Facility :

  • Private transport for whole trips ( Licensed Driver, Fuel, Tol ticket, Parking )
  • Local tour guide
  • Entrance fee to the Bromo National Park
  • 4WD Jeep for Mount Bromo trip (Stargazing Photography, Sunrise and Crater)
  • 1 Night Mount Bromo Milky Way tour by camping included facility¬†(matras, tent, firewood, sleeping bag, lighter and gasoline, cooking utensils / cookware, snacks / meals / mineral drinks, experience porter to serve your camp)
  • Mineral drinks along trip

For detail information about Astrophotography package price, and Facility, You can visit Our booking form.

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